above photo: Marcia Crayford, Susie, Laura Samuels and students prepare in basement of Oban cathedral

'Hollywood' vibrato: "Life is richer, subtler, has fragility"-Sándor Végh

In this short video, Susie Mészáros, professor of music at RCM, RNCM and viola player with the Chilingirian Quartet talks about music, Hollywood vibrato and her teacher, Sándor Végh's influence.
With footage of Royal College of Music student quartets, you get something of her approach. She debunks the cliché of the furrowed brow string player, all intensity and emotion. As Sándor Végh would say sometimes, "it's too beautiful to be true!"   Life is richer, subtler, has fragility.  


Susie Mészáros: Violin, viola, Performer, Teacher