Young Professionals

Young musicians studying at music conservatoires bring their particular challenges. Making the transition between your imagination and the physicality of playing; developing ones own unique voice, to use these instruments in our hands to directly express what is intangible, is the bridge that all mature musicians must cross. 

I studied at the Yehudi Menuhin School. Sándor Végh was the decisive influence on my ideas of music with whom I studied in Salzburg. With interviews and video, I hope to share more about my philosophy of music and how I teach. You can watch a short film where I discuss some of my ideas about music performance with young quartet players from Royal College of Music

Public Masterclass videos: 

Watch RNCM - three short films featuring a performance of Walton's Viola Concerto 1st Mvt.

Insights into musical phrasing

Sándor Végh walking with his grandson ©Susie Mészáros 2020