Amateur Players coaching

I take ensembles and individuals for coaching and private lessons. I teach string quartets in a variety of contexts including the Chilingirian Quartet summer school at West Dean. 

I greatly enjoy teaching individual or groups of amateurs. It's very much a collaboration. You bring your own insight and experience. I simply use this to unlock your natural understanding.

Often it is a question of confidence both musical and practical. Many amateurs may not have such highly developed instrumental skills or depth of tone, yet as listeners they are often very sophisticated and intuitive. My approach is to link this intellectual understanding with the universal experience of living in a physical world and to draw parallels which can create bridges between the two.

Amateurs bring love of music and dedication to playing, and these are very powerful tools. I encourage amateurs to play challenging and inspiring repertoire because their technical ability is invariably lifted to a higher level when the musical demands of the music are greater.

Amateur Players Feedback

"Susie is one of that rare breed of being both a wonderful performer and an inspirational teacher who manages to break down the barriers and get to the nub of the technical problem the student is experiencing - whatever their level. She makes her students feel at ease and uses imagery to help bring the music to life. She is also an exceptionally good coach with small ensembles including my own string quartet. She has a lovely, friendly demeanour and is always prepared to go the extra mile. She clearly loves her music and her passion is plain to see"
Brigid Hemmingway


"I had worked with you, briefly through freelance work, and was very glad you could teach me when I needed to clean up my playing. I have found your uncomplicated approach to be very inspiring, and this has given me a lot more freedom and confidence. 
Thank you so much!
Nigel Goodwin 
Principal Viola Royal Ballet Sinfonia (1987-1990)
Currently member of the BBC Concert Orchestra. 



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