News on Chilingirian Quartet performances can be found on the Chilingirian String Quartet facebook page here
• Upcoming Chilingirians at Purcell Room concert (South Bank) on 20th October 2013

Susie also performs with Stephen Coombs as part of Room Music.

Susie guest played with Marcia Crayford at the Mid Wales Chamber Orchestra during 2011-13. The happy experience of playing together with friends and fine musicians has now evolved into a new ensemble, 'Dragonfly' featuring Marcia Crayford (violin), Sarah Newbold (flute), Katherine Thomas (harp), Susie Mészáros (viola) and Moray Welsh (cello).
• The group will perform their inaugural Gala concert as Dragonfly at Hay, 8th November 2013
• Susie, Stephen Coombs (pianist) and cellist to perform Coventry 28 November 2013

Susie Meszaros and Stephen Coombs performance of Schubert's 'Arpeggione' at Schubertfest, Royal College of Music, 20th September 2012 width=Susie and Stephen Coombs perform Schubert's 'Arpeggione' at the Schubertfest, Royal College of Music, Sept. 2012 
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